For more than 30 years ITALMETAL Srl has been successfully dealing with zamak molding. ITALEMTAL is leader in the sector by offering a service of the highest quality.

Specifically, die casting is the most common method of processing zinc alloys for the production of accessories, components and small parts.

The hot forging of zamak allows to obtain, at low cost, precise, resistant and constant quality parts in small as well as in large production series, and lends itself well to subsequent surface finishing processes, for this reason zamak is increasingly preferred in various production sectors: furniture, hardware, clothing and components in general.

During the die casting process, the material is melted and injected under pressure into the mold, which is made of heat-resistant steel. The details obtainable through this technology can be extremely precise and with very detailed finishes, this is because the zamak, thanks to its low melting temperature and its high fluidity, allows to respect minimum tolerance limits and to obtain articles with very complex shapes, which cannot be made with other alloys.

For this type of production, ITALMETAL Srl has 6 diversified injection presses of 25 ton power up to 150 tons With this range of machines we are able to produce zamak parts with weights ranging from few grams up to a maximum of 500 grams.

But of course it is not just a question of machines, there are many variables on which the success of a particular in zamak depends, this is because a die-casting cycle, to lead to excellent results, must be followed much further upstream. In addition to having good machinery, it is absolutely necessary to rely on qualified personnel, able to carefully manage the entire process, from the design of the mold, to its assembly in the machine, up to the inspection and packaging of the finished piece.

The use of the most innovative technologies and the presence of highly specialized personnel allow ITALMETAL Srl to address the various problems that may be encountered in the production processes, processes that are carried out almost exclusively within the company itself.

Finally, we also have 4 centrifugal machines equipped with bar code readers, this type of machines, which use silicone rubber molds, is used for the realization of medium / small series and “pilot” details. The working cycle at full capacity is 24/24.