Although in 99% of cases the zamak allows to obtain pieces dimensionally finished directly by the molding, after die-casting process the zinc alloy components need of further rework.

After vibro-finishing treatment, the parts can be cleaned and polished, these processes will remove the molding residues, in this way we will have a finished surface of the item in the best possible way.

Subsequently to the processes above mentioned, items can be drilled, threaded, reamed, etc. through further processes. ITALMETAL manufacturing department offers assembling service for small-medium mechanical parts by screwdrivers, rockers, presses, customized machines for various assemblies and applications and  where required using specific glues and greases.

If there will be the necessity of further processes on the techinical items, they will be evaluated for each case and, if necessary, performed by  machinery designed and built specifically for the required processing.

Finally, thanks to a consolidated production chain of reliable and certified partners, ITALMETAL Srl is able to guarantee the delivery of very complex finished product, equipped with the most varied customizations following the subsequent processes. Is possible to add at the finish products, zinc plating, classic or cataphoresis painting, galvanic finishes, chrome plating, ecc….. At the end of any operation carried out by third parties, the material is checked by the quality department of ITALMETAL Srl, a supervision that ensures  to the customer a supply that perfectly meets his requests.

In the final processes of manufacturing, the items can be subjected to satin finishing and / or painting, finally the product is packed according to the specific needs of the customer.