Vibro-finishing or tumbling is a surface finishing treatment that follows the molding process and can be used for different purposes and on different materials.

In articles produced by fusion of zamak, it is used for the removal of substrate residues, burrs and imperfections in general, which can occur after the piece cooling process. Through the tumbling the parts are inserted inside special machines called “tumblers”, which thanks to low intensity vibrations cause a rubbing of the parts with cones of different shape, material, and abrasive power depending on the treatment to be carried out, regularizing and finishing the surfaces of the piece to be treated, in a variable period of time depending on the result to be obtained. Water, detergents, lubricants or other chemicals can be added to the process.

Thanks to this treatment, the details obtained are clean, without dents and with uniform surfaces both in terms of roughness and visual appearance.

The tumbling, in particular that must have a high aesthetic value, is also useful as a pre-treatment to the polishing and / or galvanizing / painting phase. This particular process makes the metal smooth and lends it to be treated according to the different needs of the customer.

ITALMETAL Srl has a vibro-finishing department with a daily load capacity of 35/40 quintals with working cycles at full capacity of 24/24.

ITALMETAL Srl is also specialized in vibro-finishing for third parties for other materials such as plastics, ABS, etc.