Rapid prototyping means using three-dimensional CAD modelers to convert 3D files and create prototypes in a short time. Therefore, it consists in the application of a series of industrial techniques that allow the creation of prototypes that are the initial elements of a production series.

The advantage of this “new” technology is that even the draft of a project can be printed, revised and possibly corrected.

If until a few years ago the processing of a prototype according to traditional methods required whole days, with 3D prototyping the realization process is completed in a few hours and with a lower expenditure of money.

But despite this is a rapidly growing technique and increasingly within the reach of every entrepreneurial reality (the market for low cost desktop printers is exploding), to obtain performing models you need of specific skills and know-how that are not within the reach of all.

For this reason, at ITALMETAL Srl we have chosen to invest and integrate this technology into the daily production process, in order to be able to offer a further solution and ensure increasingly higher levels of technology.