The decision to have our own internal mold department is not only a guarantee of promptness for problems solving that may concern the equipment once ready for the die-casting process, but also and above all a production strategy aimed at having the complete control of all manufacturing cycle.

A choice that avoids waste of time, misunderstandings and at the same time, offers to the customers a single and reliable interlocutor who can take charge of the entire procedure and more competitive prices, with the same technologies used.

For this reason, from the beginning, ITALMETAL Srl has started a laboratory for the manufacturing die-casting molds, equipped with cutting-edge machinery that are updated or replaced on the basis of the sudden technological innovations that involve the sector.

To make a die-casting mold is necessary a technologically equipped laboratory with milling machinery, and today also other machinery that allows very high precision machining (in the order of hundredths of a millimeter) and which are based on technologies such as EDM. All the tool paths that make the shapes, the dowels, and almost the entire die-casting mold, are reported with the aid of dedicated computers and software. The tool paths are sent directly from the computers to the machinery, where the operators will take care of implementing them and checking that each machining is carried out correctly.

Until now, we have realized several hundreds tools made by ITALMETAL manufacturing mold department, many of them are highly technical. This does not mean that it cannot take charge of the only die-casting of an article if the customer already has the relative equipment, as well as the willingness to intervene, where necessary, on third party equipment.